5 Interesting Facts and Figures About London Taxis You Might not have Known

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5 Interesting Facts and Figures About London Taxis You Might not have Known

No one would mind overlooking even the images displaying these black beauties that run on the streets of London. Fly to London, and you can see thousands of these cabs whizzing through the roads to serve you with convenience. Every city exudes its culture through its artworks and infrastructure, which also includes these cabs. London holds pride in the vintage black cars that run in the bustling town as one of the most significant creations. They do, to a great extent, signify the culture that has been carried on for decades. Tourists that travel the world have always recommended a trip on the black taxi cab for the wondrous experience. Several factors make this taxi cab stand out from the others. Let us have a closer look at what the interesting features of the black taxi cabs are.


1.      The Knowledge for a Taxi Driver

2-4 years have to be invested by the would-be drivers to learn more about the future rides they have to face. This test of “The Knowledge” they possess is conducted before permitting them a license to drive through the London city. Through these years, they have to gain knowledge about the 320 routes in Charing Cross that maps through an area of 20,000 landmarks and 25,000 streets that is enclosed within a six-mile radius. All those who pass this test will receive a green badge. The drivers that cover the suburban areas are given a yellow badge, which will also not permit them to enter the areas that are assigned to the green badge-drivers.


2.      Not Just the Black Beauties

Everyone might be familiar with the black taxi cabs that run the streets of London. No image or footage backdropped in London fails to capture these vintage beauties on the road, making the city a whole lot more magnificent. But there are taxi cabs in London of various other colors as well, which include red, blue, green, and yellow.


3.      Money Running on Wheels

The cabs might be just a mode of transport to you, which everyone uses for daily purposes. Each time you enter a taxi, you are in one of the most splendid settings in London that mint a huge sum of money. With about 21,000 black taxi cabs running in London, there is no margin for losses.


4.      History of Hackney Carriage

It was the Corporation of Coachmen who received the very first taxicab licenses in London, in 1639. Later, in 1662, the hackney carriages were also approved to run the streets with the horses taking people over to their destination. 1908 witnessed the launch of motorized cabs, and by 1925, hansom cabs weren’t considered as the primary cab service of London.


5.      Height of Traveling

Hackney carriages used to carry hay for the horses, which was among the first rules to have passed regarding the cabs. Height of the cab had to be checked before permitting them to run on the streets. The rule demands the height of the cab to be sufficient enough to accommodate a passenger wearing a bowler hat.

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