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Feedback Received
Received 9th October, 2009 from 'Giving a Child a Break'
(Police Summer Camp Project) following our outing to see 'Hairspray'
 Hairspray Outing
To all our brilliant cabbies and helpers - On Saturday 26th September we were lucky enough to be taken on a very special trip by the LTFUC.  They kindly took us to see the amazing show 'HAIRSPRAY' in the West End.  The lovely taxi drivers had got us 50 seats for the show and arranged to pick us up from the City to take us there.  Our children are all from unfortunate or underprivileged backgrounds, but I don't know who was more excited, them or me !!
We had a coach pick us up to take us to the City to meet the taxis.  Imagine the surprise when we saw the cabs.  They were covered in balloons and we had a fantastic welcome from the wonderful drivers.  They were so friendly and funny and the children just loved them.  We were driven through the heart of London, from the City to the West End, on a busy Saturday afternoon, with the cabbies sounding their hooters and waving at all the cars and people.  Everyone laughed and cheered at us and all the children saw were smiles.  I was asked by one of the children in my cab "Are they famous people waving at us?".  I said "No, you are the special people today, they are waving at you".
Upon arriving at the Shaftesbury Theatre in the heart of 'theatre land', we were shown to our fabulous seats right at the front of the stalls.  We couldn't have had a better view.  The children were astounded by the whole experience so far.  Imagine the excitement when the lights dimmed, the curtains parted and the music started.  The show was spectacular and the whole experience was amazing.  When the interval came, it gave the children a better chance to explore the mysteries of the theatre.  The statues around the auditorium with the sumptuous drapes and enormous chandelier caused one of the children to comment "it was nice of them to get the theatre's decorations out for us".  The second half was as spell bounding as the first.  As the climax of the show came, the excitement rose and by the last song, many of these normally introspective, unsure, disillusioned children were in the aisles singing, waving and dancing.  Their faces were a picture of total uninhibited joy.  It was only when the show was over and we were allowed to be introduced to the cast that Marvin, one of my group of children, realised that he had been watching a LIVE show.  He had thought that the entire experience had been played out before him on a giant screen.  It was only then that it struck me that for many of these children, entertainment only consisted of sitting in front of a screen, be it a television or computer.
As we left the theatre, we were again met by our amazing host of taxi drivers and whilst travelling back to the City to meet our coach, Michael, who was one of the children in my cab, said "I think this has been the best day of my life". 
I cannot end this letter without expressing my special thanks and gratitude to Michael, the fabulous driver of our taxi and ALL the other drivers who gave up their time to make this day possible.  Michael was so kind, friendly funny and caring towards our children and made it a very special and memorable day.
THANK YOU FOR A DAY TO REMEMBER - Love Rossi and all our kids.
Received 21st July, 2009 from Sarah Blogg & driver Jacqueline Gray
Long before my cousin Jacqueline Gray got her badge in early 2009 she said to me that she would love to help out on the trips.  I was thrilled when she asked me to be a carer and our first trip was to Southend on 14th July 2009.  We had a wonderful time from when we first arrived at Victoria Park.  All of the drivers made us feel welcome and we knew straight away we were part of a special team.  The support on the journey from pedestrians and passing cars was very uplifting and most importantly the three young girls that travelled with us were a joy to be with and a great inspiration.  Well done and thank you to all those that organised such a fantastic day - it was absolutely amazing and rewarding.  We will be going on all the trips and look forward to being able to partake.  Best wishes.

Received 16th July 2009 from Alexis Perry, Specialized Care & Support Services Ltd
All the children and staff would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for a wonderful day out and a wonderful experience on the Southend Taxi run 2009.  The drivers were excellent and could not do enough to help, so keep up the great work.  An extra big thank you to drivers 23, 25, 26, 27 and 28 from all of us at SCASS LTD.
Received 16th July 2009 from Alan Goudge (London Taxi Drivers Forum)
I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the organisers of the Southend outing this week.  It was my first such outing and I can't put into words what a fantastic day it was.  I will certainly be attending again.  It was a very humbling experience from start to finish and serves to restore your faith in human kind!!  Thanks again for all your hard work in organising a great day out; hopefully see you next year!   Alan
Received 15th July 2009 from Salvo The Clown
Good morning Maureen, Raymond and fellow Taxi Drivers.  This is just a short note to say thank you for everything you did to make yesterday's event the success it was for sure and for everyone concerned.  It is always a pleasure to attend your events, for you always not only make sure all the children are well looked after, but also the entertainers are too.  Thank you one and All.  This is and was really appreciated.  I am so pleased the rain held off this year.  Well until I have the pleasure of meeting you all again, may you keep well and continue bringing happiness to others in all your endeavours.  Yours in Service, Salvo
 Salvo the Clown
Received 14th July 2009 from driver Tony Price
Today I came along to the Southend trip, which is my first as I only got my badge in April and I would like to commend you all on the good work you do.  All the children had smiles 100 miles wide and played like they never had a care in the world.  I will come to all the trips you organise and will help wherever I can.  Thanks again for a great day.
Received 8 February 2009 from Furry Tail Folk
Dear Maureen & Raymond,  Apologies for the delay in sending this - I went away on holiday 3 days after party.  I am glad you were happy with us and we would absolutely be more than happy to help out where we can with future events.  The feedback I got from our group was truly amazing, everyone was totally bowled over by the scale of this event and the fantastic atmosphere created by so many good people giving of their time to this amazingly worthwhile cause and the fantastic reactions from the guests.  We do many charity events throughout the years, but this was far and away the nicest and most rewarding I can remember.  Thank you very very much for letting us be part of it and for your hard work in making it happen.   Robert (the short fat dog!)
Furry Tail Folk
'Furry Tail Folk' 
Received 8 February 2009 from Babs Munson
Just to say thank you for inviting my Bernese Mountain Dog 'Merlin' and myself to your party. Sorry we couldn't stay to the end, but Merlin was getting tired.  We enjoyed ourselves and lots of children seemed to like him and his cart.  Thanks again.   Babs and 'Merlin'
Received 7 February 2009 from Chris
Hi to all at the LTFUC - I just wanted to thank you all for inviting me and my Dalek to your Mad Hatter's tea party.  I have been running the Dalek for almost a year now and this was by far the most rewarding event I have done.  The feedback from this young gentleman alone would have made the trip worthwhile.  I hope to return next year, if you'll have me.  Many thanks.  Chris.

Clown Slapstick meets a Dalek

Received 25 January 2009 from David, Valerie & Emma Francis
Dear Alan, Just a short note to say many thanks to you and all concerned for the hard work, time and dedication given to make the children's party such a great success.  My daughter, Emma, had such a wonderful day and has not stopped talking about it.  I know that you all made hundreds of children very happy.  Once again, many thanks.
Received 21 January 2009 from Stephen Hunt
Hello, I brought my children to your party at the Grosvenor House hotel on Sunday 18 January 2009.  The three boys all had a wonderful day and I would like to thank everyone involved for the time, effort and motivation put into making the event such a fantastic experience.  Thank you all again.
Received 20 January 2009 from Susan Fleisher,
 Executive Director,of NOFAS-UK
Dear Mr Shaffron, Paul Barber and everyone in the LTFUC,
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
What a spectacular event on Sunday.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU from our charity, NOFAS-UK and from the 20 families who attended.  As the Director of NOFAS-UK I felt privileged to be able to give our disabled children such a wonderful day out.  As I told you in our request letter, our children have disabilities because their mothers, often not knowing about the risks, drank alcohol during pregnancy, causing their children to have life long brain damage.  One mother told me that her teenage daughter who she adopted from Romania 2 years ago had never been to a party.  This was her first party.  I hope she doesn't think all parties in the UK are like yours.
For many years I was a television producer before I founded NOFAS-UK and I must say Sunday's organisation and production values and thought, rivals any planning and production I have known.  Every detail, the creativity, the fun and, most of all, the heart that you all put into the event was exceptional.
Everyone, parents and children, had a wonderful day.  In a world filled with so many problems, you lifted our spirits and reminded us of the positive people and good souls in the world who we must never forget.
3 year old Shania has FASD brain damage and this is what her mother wrote :
We just wanted to say a big thank you for inviting us to the Taxidriver's party on Sunday.  It was an amazing event, quite spectacular really!  Shania loved watching the dancing and loved all the characters - couldn't quite believe what she was seeing!  She got so excited by some characters that she didn't want them to speak to anyone else!  It was a wonderful day for all of us.  Thank you again!
Please thank everyone involved for the joy they brought into our children's lives.  May the good feelings you spread be returned.  All good wishes, Susan
Received 20 January 2009 from Gregg Moore
Hi, My daughter was a guest of the London Taxi driver's at the party last Sunday, 18th January.  I want to thank you and your colleagues for that event.  My daughter - who really loves music - had a great time.  Please also pass on my thanks to the squaddies who helped (with real muscle) to get my daughter in her wheelchair up and down the stairs, that otherwise would have prevented her from joining in the party.  The generosity of everyone who organized and performed on the day is very greatly appreciated.  Regards,  Gregg Moore
Received 20 January 2009 (from the adoptive mother of a very severely impaired 7 year old boy who doesn't speak)
I just want to say thank you for such a great day out on Sunday.  Glen's face was a picture when he saw all the characters and loved watching all the singers and dancers.  Matthew also thought it was fantastic and said to thank you.  We had so much fun - thank you again.    Sue
Received 19 January 2009 from EEK the Clown
Just wanted to say thank you for letting me come along and Clown at this year's party.  A brilliant experience with one or two really special moments with some of the children.  Big thanks to all involved in organising such a fantastic event.     EEK
Received 19 January 2009 from Mrs Rani Johar
I am writing to thank your organisation for the fabulous party you arranged for children with special needs yesterday at the Grosvenor House.  My son, Anmol, who suffers from autism, had a really wonderful time and enjoyed all the performances.  He really enjoyed dancing to the 'Cheeky Girls' !!!  Our thanks to everyone for such a great party!   Regards,  Mrs Rani Johar
 Received 19 January 2009 from Jacqueline Paschoud
I wanted to say thank you on behalf of my daughter who came to the splendid party at the Grosvenor House Hotel.  She was fortunate to be invited through NOFAS-UK.  She is a person with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.  She had a great time.  I was amazed at the entertainment.  It must have been a huge feat of organisation.  Our children do not get so many opportunities to go out as most children, let alone visit such a splendid place.  Very many thanks.  Jacqueline Paschoud.
 Received 19 January 2009 from Fiona and son Albie
Myself and my son attended your 2009 party at the Grosvenor House yesterday.  This is just a message to say thank you for a brilliant day.  We both had a brilliant time and would very much like to attend any similar functions.  Thank you again.  Fiona & Albie
Received 18 January 2009 from Jill Slotnick
I do not know if I am contacting the right person, but my son and I have just returned home from our first Mad Hatter's Tea Party 2009 and I just want to thank every taxi man and woman for an amazing day.
As the mother of a child with special needs, we were made to feel normal among a sea of children who were also having a wonderful time.  The one thing we all had in common was enjoying a wonderful day and not our disabilities.  Thank you for a day my son and I will never forget.    Jill Slotnick